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Truck Accidents

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  • Semi Tractor Trailer Crash
  • Commercial Delivery
  • Truck Driver Negligence


No one has a little fender bender with a tractor-trailer or semi-truck. The sheer size and velocity of these vehicles usually preclude the possibility of a “minor” crash, especially when involving carelessness, recklessness, or negligence on the part of the driver or trucking company.

Trucking accidents caused by the negligent operation of large trucks on California roads result in thousands of catastrophic personal injuries and wrongful deaths each year, leaving families struggling to cope both emotionally, physically, and financially. If a semi-tractor-trailer crash has touched your family, contact one of the personal injury attorneys at the Golden Gate Law Group.  Determining the liability of the trucking accident will be of vital importance to your legal claim.

Our truck-car accident law firm has nearly two decades of experience providing exclusive personal injury representation for California families; not just in the San Francisco Bay Area, but in Los Angeles and San Diego, too. We have several law offices located throughout the state to best serve our clients. Call us now for Free Consultation at 1-800–704-0151.

We offer an exclusive personal injury practice devoted to fair compensation after a negligent car, motorcycle, or garbage truck accident. With over 35 years of experience representing clients throughout northern, southern, and central California after a devastating truck accident, our truck accident lawyer possesses the financial resources and compassionate approach necessary to negotiate and litigate lawsuit claims after a truck accident resulting from:

  • Driver Negligence or Error
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Drunk Driver
  • Improper Driver Qualifications
  • Lack of Training
  • Improper Loading-Maintenance
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Fake Log Book
  • Violation of Federal Regulations
Our goal is to maximize compensation for all clients through a thorough accident investigation, the accurate assessment of injuries, and the identification of all liable parties sharing responsibility for your injury or the death of a loved one. This can include action taken against the truck driver, the trucking company, and civil liability on the part of local or state governments for:
  • Missing Signage
  • Roadway-Bridge Design and Maintenance
  • Improper Grading
  • Dangerous Road Surfaces
  • Sharp Curves

No Fees Until A Settlement

If you have been injured or have had a loved one killed after a negligent accident involving a big rig accident or semi-tractor-trailer crash, you will need the best legal representation and medical care available. Compare our results and then contact a San Francisco Bay Area truck accident lawyer at Golden Gate Law Group today for a free consultation and ensure the steadfast protection of your legal rights.

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