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Spinal Cord Injury – Back Injury

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California Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

A negligent accident, a car accident for instance, takes only seconds to occur, resulting in injuries that may last a lifetime. Possibly the most devastating of these is a spinal cord injury resulting in reduced mobility, permanent pain, and even paralysis. A California spinal cord injury attorney from the Golden Gate Law Group can assist you in the filing, negotiation, and litigation of a personal injury lawsuit after a negligent accident.
In addition, we maintain a network of medical professionals, including the finest neurosurgeons in California to accurately assess your injuries and arrange for the medical care with no out-of-pocket expenses.


We provide compassionate legal advice and aggressive trial representation for individuals with serious spinal cord injuries.

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If you have suffered a spine injury, contact one of our spinal cord injury attorneys today for a free consultation.


A medical professional familiar with these types of cases can only assess a serious spinal cord injury. Often, early symptoms may be vague and misdiagnosed, resulting in a latent injury that develops into a serious disability. Your family doctor may be inexperienced in the identification of spinal cord injuries and insurance company doctors are financially motivated to downplay the seriousness of your injuries in order to save the money for the insurance company.


Each of our injury lawyers at the Golden Gate Law Group receives ongoing training in new techniques for spinal cord injury litigation and works closely with our medical professionals to ensure that each client receives a comprehensive and thorough diagnosis.


Our personal injury clients look to us for compassionate legal advice and aggressive representation in the courts. We have a solid record of accomplishment. Our successful results over nearly two decades is testimony to our legal acumen.


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Free Consultation and Medical Assessment

If you have been involved in an car-truck accident, construction site accident or other negligent accident, you have only a limited time to report your injuries and file a claim. For a free consultation, a review of your legal rights and the peace of mind that comes from knowing experienced personal injury professionals are in your corner, contact the California back injury lawyers at the Golden Gate Law Group now.
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