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Scars – Scarring

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California Scar Injuries Lawyers

If your child has survived a devastating pit bull mauling, you are naturally concerned about the effects of scars and facial disfigurement on his or her future. Likewise, if you suffered burns or severe lacerations in an auto accident or construction site accident, you wonder what your options are for obtaining plastic surgery or facial reconstruction surgery. How will you face a future with serious scars resulting from a dog bite or catastrophic truck wreck?


To schedule a free consultation with an experienced scar injuries lawyer, contact Golden Gate Law Group. A skilled personal injury attorney can help you explore your options. We also have law offices throughout California for your convenience.


A satisfactory outcome becomes more likely the sooner a professional evaluates your legal situation. Statutes of limitations may conflict with the time it will take to observe the completeness of healing following a pit bull mauling, Rottweiler attack, car crash, or industrial burn injury.


A competent lawyer will help you avoid missing filing deadlines. An insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit cannot turn back the clock or undo the effects of a serious face injury or incident such as a violent dog attack. However, ample compensation may offer hope in the form of innovative, timely facial reconstruction surgery or plastic surgery. We do our best to make sure you get the best medical care.

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Our California scar injuries lawyers at Golden Gate Law Office offer compassionate legal advice and aggressive representation in the courts. Read a sample of our successful cases over the past three decades to understand why we receive referrals from many satisfied clients of the past.

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If you have suffered a personal injury in any kind of construction site accidental injury, contact one of our experienced scar-injury lawyers today for a free consultation and independent assessment of your injuries. Our scar injuries lawyers are prepared to take the time to listen to your story and discuss strategies for recovering maximum compensation and a chance at hope following a disfiguring accident or dog attack.
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