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Attorney at Law – Supporting Pleasanton Wrongful Death Victim Cases

At the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group, we realize that when misconduct or negligence results in death, the one who loses his or her life is not the only one harmed – the entire family suffers devastation and loss. When you need a compassionate Pleasanton wrongful death lawyer, count on us for unmatched legal guidance and representation. During what is no doubt the most difficult time in your life, the last thing on your mind is dealing with legal issues or holding those responsible accountable for their actions. By allowing our wrongful death attorneys in Pleasanton to handle these issues for you, your family can properly grieve the loss of your loved one and attend to other business that must be taken care of.

Wrongful death occurs any time an individual loses his/her life due to negligence, whether it be in a car or slip and fall accident, due to medical malpractice, defective products or abuse/neglect in a nursing home. Our Pleasanton wrongful death lawyers work diligently to obtain the maximum compensation allowable for the family’s loss. We realize that a monetary value cannot be placed on a human being’s life, but we also know that surviving family members often face financial devastation after losing a loved one. The deceased may have been the sole income provider for the family; medical bills prior to the death may be astronomical. Loss of companionship, pain and suffering and loss of society are other areas where you may be compensated. A skilled wrongful death attorney in Pleasanton can determine how much your claim is worth, and work to ensure that justice is served.

It is important that you seek the guidance of a capable Pleasanton wrongful death lawyer with experience and skill, as these types of cases are often complex. Your attorney can calculate the damages you may be entitled to, gather evidence to prove the negligent party’s guilt, negotiate with insurance companies and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the best possible outcome. An aggressive lawyer with our firm is prepared and ready to go to trial should it be necessary in order to secure full compensation.

There are certain elements that must exist in order to win a wrongful death claim. These elements include:

That negligence or intentional misconduct caused your loved one’s death
That as a result of the death of your loved one, surviving family members have experienced the loss of household assistance, love, comfort, care, supervision, financial support, guidance and general society the deceased provided to the family prior to his/her death.

It is important that you realize that winning a wrongful death lawsuit requires the skill and expertise of a seasoned Pleasanton wrongful death attorney who is experienced and dedicated.

At the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group, we feel that survivors should not have to suffer more pain and stress than they have already endured after losing a loved one. Contact our Pleasanton wrongful death lawyers today for a free, no obligation consultation.

Wrongful Death lawyers in Pleasanton California at The Law Offices of The Golden Gate Law Group provide legal assistance to those who have lost a loved one due to negligence or intentional harm of another party.

For nearly two decades, the Law Offices of The Golden Gate Law Group has represented and successfully won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients in a wide array of personal injury accidents cases including but not limited to:

•    Bike Accidents
•    Wrongful Death
•    Auto Accidents
•    Truck Accidents
•    Insurance Bad Faith
•    Dog Bites and Animal Attack
•    Pedestrian Accidents
•    Amusement Park Accidents

Contact Us – We are a team of experienced personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group -We are one of California’s leading personal injury litigation firms. We’ll discuss your specific case and give you honest answers to your questions. Our law firm is a plaintiffs-only practice focusing on serious accident-injury cases. If you have been in an accident no fault of your own you owe it to yourself and family to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. At the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group we care first and foremost about our injured clients. If we do accept a new client it is done so on a contingency basis.

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