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Pleasanton Pedestrian Accident

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Attorney at Law – Supporting Pleasanton Pedestrian Accident Victims

In California, many individuals walk for exercise, enjoyment, and to reach their destinations. However, we know as Pleasanton pedestrian accident lawyers that pedestrians are often ignored by motorists, which puts those who walk at risk of suffering serious injuries should an accident occur. At the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group, we vigorously defend the legal rights of pedestrians who are injured by negligent motorists. If you or a loved one have sustained injuries after being struck by a car, truck, SUV or even a motorcycle or 18-wheeler, it is critical that you speak with a skilled pedestrian accident attorney in Pleasanton right away. You may be entitled to compensation of costs related to your injuries.

While the numbers seem astounding, almost 80,000 pedestrians suffer serious injuries every year in the U.S. due to being struck by a car or truck. It is obvious to any Pleasanton pedestrian accident lawyer that those who walk are at a much higher risk of suffering a serious or even life-threatening injury when struck by a vehicle than occupants of a car or truck would be. You may sustain head or neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, lacerations, broken bones, multiple fractures or even permanent paralysis. When searching the pedestrian accident attorneys in Pleasanton to represent your rights, keep in mind that experience, skill and a winning track record are essential to a good outcome.

How do pedestrian accidents typically occur?

•    Drivers are often distracted or otherwise inattentive
•    Reckless driving, speeding
•    Motorists may drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
•    Drivers often make illegal turns at intersections
•    Motorists fail to yield to pedestrians at a marked crosswalk

When you are legally using a city or county street and cross in designated pedestrian areas, you have rights. The job of a qualified pedestrian accident lawyer in Pleasanton is to protect your legal rights, and work to secure the full compensation you deserve for your injuries. While you might assume that the negligent motorist’s insurance will offer you a fair settlement, this is rarely the case. Our Pleasanton pedestrian accident lawyers will negotiate with the insurance company, or pursue compensation through litigation if it is warranted.

Some of the damages you may be entitled to include medical costs, lost wages, future income if you require long-term care or rehabilitation, compensation for emotional trauma, pain and suffering, etc. A competent Pleasanton pedestrian accident attorney knows that unless you are a victim of this type of accident, it is impossible to realize the financial devastation that victims often face. This is why it is so urgent that you consult with a lawyer.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian/vehicle accident, contact the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group today for a free consultation. Our Pleasanton pedestrian accident attorneys provide clients with unsurpassed legal guidance and representation. Let us handle your case, so you can focus on healing.

Pedestrian accident lawyers in Pleasanton California at The Law Offices of The Golden Gate Law Group provide legal assistance to pedestrian personal injury victims.

For nearly two decades, the Law Offices of The Golden Gate Law Group has represented and successfully won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients in a wide array of personal injury accidents cases including but not limited to:

•    Bike Accidents
•    Wrongful Death
•    Auto Accidents
•    Truck Accidents
•    Insurance Bad Faith
•    Dog Bites and Animal Attack
•    Pedestrian Accidents
•    Amusement Park Accidents

Contact Us – We are a team of experienced personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group -We are one of California’s leading personal injury litigation firms. We’ll discuss your specific case and give you honest answers to your questions. Our law firm is a plaintiffs-only practice focusing on serious accident-injury cases. If you have been in an accident no fault of your own you owe it to yourself and family to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. At the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group we care first and foremost about our injured clients. If we do accept a new client it is done so on a contingency basis.

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