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Attorney at Law – Supporting Pleasanton Dog Bite Injury Victims

As experienced Pleasanton dog bite lawyers, we realize that California offers an ideal climate for those who enjoy taking their pets outdoors for exercise, or leaving them outdoors 24 hours a day. However, we also know that each year, many people suffer traumatic and even life-changing injuries as the result of dog bites and/or attacks. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries after being bitten by a dog, contact a dog bite attorney in Pleasanton at the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group for effective legal guidance and representation. You have rights, and may be eligible for compensation of costs associated with your injuries.

Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to bite or attack not only individuals they are not familiar with, but even their owners. These breeds include pit bulls, Rottweilers, bulldogs, German Shepherds and Doberman Pinchers. Even breeds that are usually docile can suddenly attack in certain situations. As a victim, you need legal guidance. An experienced Pleasanton dog bite lawyer will advise you to consult with an attorney immediately after seeking medical treatment.

Many people (dog owners and trainers alike) will insist that even the most ferocious breeds of dogs will behave properly if well-trained and treated with love and care. However, this isn’t necessarily true all of the time, and even breeds that are known for being gentle will bite when they feel threatened or intimidated. Our Pleasanton dog bite lawyers are experienced, skilled and capable of proving that the owner of the dog that injured you should be held liable for costs related to your injuries.

While many dog bites do not result in serious injuries, just as many leave victims with:

•    Lacerations, puncture wounds
•    Disfiguring scars
•    Psychological and emotional trauma

A seasoned dog bite lawyer in Pleasanton knows that the expenses you face following a serious dog bite may be substantial. Medical expense (perhaps for current and future treatment), lost wages, an inability to work due to your injuries and long-term care are just a few of the things you may face. While it may seem that a dog bite is just a “small” inconvenience, it can be a life-changing experience depending upon the extent of your injuries.

At the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group, our Pleasanton dog bite attorneys have the skill and experience vital to securing a favorable outcome for victims of dog bites and/or attacks. We will investigate the details, determine owner liability and assess the damages, providing you with unsurpassed legal representation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Dog bite lawyers in Pleasanton California at The Law Offices of The Golden Gate Law Group provide legal assistance to injury victims.

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