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Fractures – Broken Bone Accident

A child with an arm in a cast may look cute. We sign the cast and wish her well, confident that she will recover full use of his arm with proper treatment. In reality, a broken bone is more than a simple inconvenience or novelty. People who suffer bone fractures in auto accidents, construction site accidents, boating accidents, or in recreational pursuits at amusement parks or water parks often face serious consequences including painful treatment, loss of mobility and independence, lost time from work, and astronomical medical bills.

Broken Bone Injury Attorneys

For many accident victims, the long-term consequences of a serious bone fracture may include chronic pain and permanent partial disability. Contact an experienced broken bone injury attorney at the Golden Gate Law Group LLP for a free consultation regarding your accidental injury that caused a broken bone such as the following:

  • a broken ankle caused by a slip and fall accident
  • a broken arm caused by a construction site accident or boating accident
  • a broken hip occurring in a fall down stairs or in an auto accident
  • a broken leg caused by a truck accident or sports accident
  • a broken rib occurring in an amusement park or swimming pool accident
  • a broken shoulder or broken wrist caused by a motorcycle accident
  • a broken hand caused by using defective equipment
Whatever your bone fracture, and whatever type of accident caused it, the personal injury lawyers at Golden Gate Law Group are well qualified and prepared to thoroughly investigate the cause, the injury, sources of liability, and effective strategies for obtaining the compensation you need and deserve.


Our attorneys offer compassionate legal advice and aggressive representation in the courts. Read a sample of our successful cases over the past three decades to understand why we receive referrals from many satisfied clients of the past.


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If you have suffered a bone fracture or other type of personal injury in any kind of construction site or motor vehicle accident, contact Golden Gate Law Group today for a free consultation and independent assessment of your injuries. Our attorneys are prepared to take the time to listen to your story and discuss strategies for recovering maximum compensation and a chance at hope following a debilitating injury.

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