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Burn Accident – Burn Injury

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If you have suffered a burn injury in an automobile accident, construction site or industrial accident, in someone else’s home, or in a public transportation accident, your need for a knowledgeable personal injury attorney is urgent.

Golden Gate Law Group has nearly two decades experience recovering compensation for victims of accidental injuries including burns, fractures, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries. We handle insurance claims and lawsuits concerning auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, premises liability cases, and construction site accidents.

Burn Injury Attorneys

The injury attorneys at Golden Gate Law Group are well qualified to ensure that you receive proper compensation for the medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering caused by a serious second or third degree burn injury.

You may require a long hospital stay, skin grafts, amputation, and a lengthy period of painful treatments. Your burn injuries may cause serious scarring, and may leave you with chronic pain or bodily dysfunction. As your personal injury law firm, we will identify the causes of your accident, assess the nature of your injuries, and determine what compensation you need to allow you to move forward with your life.

The heat source that caused your burn injury may have been thermal, electrical, or chemical:

  • burning combustibles such as wood or paper
  • flammable liquids such as gasoline or cooking oil
  • short-circuiting or defective machinery
  • flammable metals (such as sodium, uranium, lithium, or plutonium)
Whether by battery explosion, scalding, or contact between a heat source and flammable clothing, burn injuries are devastating to burn victims. A skilled Golden Gate Law Group burn injury lawyer is an excellent source of information and practical assistance to burn victims.


Clients of Golden Gate Law Group look to us for compassionate legal advice and aggressive representation in the courts. Read samples of our successful results throughout the past three and a half decades.


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If you have suffered a burn injury caused by a defective product, car accident, motorcycle accident, or any other type of accident, contact the injury attorneys at Golden Gate Law Group now for a free consultation. Because the consultation is free and there is no obligation and no fees until we recover compensation for you.

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