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Amusement Park Accident – Water Park Injury

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Amusement park rides seem dangerous, but we convince ourselves, especially here in California, that we are safe in the hands of well-engineered machines and management. The sense of danger is supposed to be thrilling. Unfortunately, sometimes “thrilling” rides actually do become journeys of doom for unsuspecting visitors.


If you have been seriously injured at an amusement park or water park in California, or if one of your family members has been killed in a roller coaster accident, water slide accident, or other amusement park accident, contact the personal injury lawyers at Golden Gate Law Group for a free consultation before signing or making any statements to the amusement park’s staff, the amusement park’s attorneys, or law enforcement personnel.


Water Slide Accident-Roller Coaster Accident Attorneys

Contact our amusement park accident attorneys at Golden Gate Law Group if you have suffered broken bones, spinal cord injuries, lacerations and scarring, brain injuries, or other catastrophic injuries caused by dangerous conditions or rides at amusement or water parks such as:

  • falls from water rides
  • falls from roller coasters
  • heart failure in rides that place the body under extreme stress
  • entrapment between ride vehicles
  • back injury caused by ride malfunction
  • unsafe exit from rides by panicked visitors
  • crashes or abrupt stopping of ride vehicles caused by ride malfunction
  • slips and falls on wet surfaces near loading areas of water rides
  • collisions of train cars
  • attacks by dangerous animals present at some amusement parks
  • wrongful death or serious injury due to mechanical failure of rides


Our amusement park accident attorneys offer compassionate legal advice and aggressive representation in negotiations and litigation. We are seasoned negotiators and litigators who stand ready to fight for your right to proper compensation for your losses. We have eight law offices in California to best serve you and your family.

Read a sample of our successful personal injury cases and settlements over the past three decades, from clients throughout California.


Free Consultation / No Fees Without A Recovery


For more information about our lawyers and other areas of our personal injury practice, including slip and fall accidents and insurance disputes — Contact Us. You may also call an amusement park accident attorney toll free now at 1-800-704-0151 for a free consultation. We help make sure you get the best medical attention available. There is no obligation and no fees until we recover compensation for you. We are prepared to take the time to listen thoughtfully to your story about your amusement park accident, water ride accident, personal watercraft accident, or swimming pool accident then examine all available legal options for obtaining maximum compensation.

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