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Fantastic experience working with this law office- thank you!

Mallory M

Steve represented me in a car accident and did a great job. His staff was very helpful and easy to work with. His office made this unfortunate situation as simple as possible for me. I definitely would recommend Steve.

Kathy W

Everyone in this office was amazing. To this day I am still so grateful for them. Not only did they work hard but I truly felt that they worked so hard because they actually did care about my outcome. During a time in my life when things were absolutely crazy they handled every detail with care, attention and professionalism. They also made the whole legal process feel easy.

Kris Fitzpatrick

Steven was all about you and making sure you are getting the right care. Steven also has great resourses to assist with your healing process. Mine and my 6 year old daughter cases. I went through an odd dog bite to my kneck while i was working housing. My daughter fell on broken glass a sliced her shins from a neglected yard in a muli family dwelling. She had 130 stiches. Very relieved with the help with medical expenses as well. A plus service very lucky to have someone in your corner like Steven.

Richard Duffert

Steven Weiner and all his team gave me an overwhelming result in my case. They are very careful and professional in giving full attention I needed. He represented my interests in managing my case with passion to get the full favor of my case into my side. If not because of him, I will not get what is due for me. Thank you so much Steven.

Gregory R

Thank you so much Steven Weiner and your team for helping me winning my case. Thank you for doing an excellent job, for your commitment and for your professionalism. I will definitely recommend your service to my all my friends that needed an injury lawyer.

Harold L

I had a car accident few months ago when one of the two racing cars hit my car on the side of the road and I called this attorney for help. I am blessed because I came to a right person for my case. After meeting with him, he represented my case enthusiastically and compassionately. He is highly personable and responsive and I felt comfortable working with him throughout the entire process of my case.

Kathleen S